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Chris Pluhacek


Chris Pluhacek is a Bodybuilder, Powerlifter & Strongman. Chris has multiple records across WNPF, USAPL, & APF powerlifting federations for Squat, Bench, Deadlift, & Total in 242, 275, & 308 lbs weight classes.

Chris has always been an athlete and intrigued with testing the limits of the human body from a young age. Starting with football and track through high school and continuing football in college at the University of Central Florida, Chris found his passion lied in the weight room amongst the rusted iron. His competitiveness led him to compete in Powerlifting in 3 separate weight classes from 242, 275 and 308 and still holds records in multiple federations. The next challenge was strongman and it radically changed his physique forever. For his next challenge he took his chisel and knowledge of nutrition and carved out a top level physique to compete in NPC as a super heavy weight amateur. With his heart dedicated on becoming professional, Chris has now found a home withEC3D Sports where he will continue to push the limits of physiology with the gear to take the edge on the competition not only in training but more importantly, recovery!

His energy and dedication illustrates perfectly what we seek in our EC3D Athletes

Career Highlights

2014 – SECOND PLACE Florida State Bodybuilding Championship, Super Heavyweight
2013 – FIRST PLACE Spartan Bodybuilding Championship San Diego, Super Heavyweight
2012 – SECOND PLACE Florida State Strongman Championship