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Skull Cap Beanie

Skull Cap Beanie Skull Cap Beanie
Skull Cap Beanie

Skull Cap Beanie


EC3D Skull Cap Beanie or 110% Play Harder Skull Cap Beanie

The EC3D Skull Cap Beanie keeps you warm whether you use it on a winter run or under a cycling helmet. Stretchy and naturally breathable, our beanie features moisture wicking and antimicrobial protection.

With the addition of Merino wool, you will be sure to stay warm and dry throughout the day. The secret to Merino wool’s lies in its fine fibres. It’s the softest wool available and it also has higher elasticity that other wools that helps prevent our compression socks from losing their shape.

Content: 60 % Polyamide, 30% Elastane, 10% Merino Wool

One size fits most

Made in North America | 6 months guaranteed compression

Washing instructions
Machine wash on normal cycle
Do not tumble dry, hang to dry
Do not use fabric softener
Only oxygen / non-chlorine bleach allowed
Do not iron


  1. Antimicrobial protection
  2. Warm comfort of Merino wool
  3. Latex Free

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