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Compression Striker Combo

Berry/White Compression Striker Combo Compression Striker Combo

Compression Striker Combo

EC3D Compression Striker Combo


The striker COMBO is a deal not to be missed! Get one pair of Ankle Striker Socks, one pair of performance compression Striker calf sleeves and a pair of recovery compression Striker calf sleeves for $69.99. (A combined value of $111.97).

Compression Performance Striker Calf Sleeves
Calibrated Compression : 20-25 mmHg
Compression Calf Sleeves specifically designed for performance are ideal to wear while practicing the sport of your choice. They provide muscles stabilization while reducing muscles vibration and increasing blood circulation for efficient muscles oxygenation.

Compression Recovery Striker Calf Sleeves
Calibrated Compression : 25-30 mmHg
Our Compression Recuperation Calf Sleeves are exclusively to be used following exercise. They provide a higher compression directly to the calf, promoting the drainage of toxins within the muscles, a decrease in aches and pain and a quicker recovery time. To be worn after work out and/or during rehab for injury healing.

Compression Ankle Striker Sock
Calibrated Compression : 20-25 mmHg
Specifically designed to support the arch of the foot and stimulate circulation thereby reducing plantar fasciitis pain and swelling of the feet. EC3D compression ankle socks stay snug and in place. Even a mid-race downpour will not hamper your performance or cause blistering or irritation.

Content : 85 % Polyamide, 15 % Elastane

Calibrated compression

20-25 mmHg


  1. Breathable & moisture wicking
  2. Increased blood circulation
  3. Targeted compression-performance and recovery zones
  4. Muscle stabilization and foot support
  • Melissa
    WOW impressionnant!
    J'adore ce combo!! En plus je vois vraiment une différence dans mes courses. J'ai moins mal au jambe et quand je porte celui de récupération c'est vraiment comme un massage de mollet ! J'avais un début de douleur sous le pied et avec le petit bas je ne sens plus rien!! Fait au Québec en plus ! Wow ! Bravo et merci!! Melissa

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