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Compression STRIKER Calf Sleeves

Compression STRIKER Calf Sleeves Compression STRIKER Calf Sleeves

Compression STRIKER Calf Sleeves


The compression Striker calf sleeve is scientifically designed to stabilize the calf muscles while keeping them strong and effective during your most intense workouts. Improves blood circulation and helps reduce risk of injury. Reduces pain caused by shin splint, muscles sprain or strain. Enhances blood circulation for a feeling of fresher legs and less fatigue.
Great for any sports and under equipment.

Also available in a Combo, which includes a pair of recovery compression calf sleeves and a pair of ankle Striker socks.

Content : 85 % Polyamide, 15 % Elastane

Made in North America | 6 months guaranteed compression

Washing instructions
Machine wash on normal cycle
Do not tumble dry, hang to dry
Do not use fabric softener
Only oxygen / non-chlorine bleach allowed
Do not iron

Calibrated compression

20-25 mmHg


  1. Enhances blood circulation
  2. Helps prevent muscle spasm or cramping
  3. Helps reduce shin splint pain
  4. Targeted compression around the calf and shin
  5. Breathable

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