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Recovery compression Tights 3D Pro

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Recovery compression Tights 3D Pro


Our medical-grade Recovery compression Tights 3D Pro lessens aches and leg fatigue. Start recovering to a new level. Designed specifically for post-workout, you are getting back to your game quickly.

Our recuperation tights helps eliminating toxins (lactic acid) and reducing muscles inflammation.

The compression zones in our Recovery compression Tights 3D Pro are opposite to those in our regular Compression Tights 3D Pro. The compression is directly on the muscles rather than around it. This maximizes blood flow and quickly reduces toxins within the muscles. For maximum results, this garment should be worn for a few hours following an intense workout or training. Your legs will feel re-energized.

 This EC3D garment is the one most worn by our athletes; Olympic, professionals and amateurs alike.

Content: 70 % Polyamide, 30 % Elastane
Color: Black (also available in Charcoal)
Opaque, wear them as pants.

Available in TALL sizes.

Additional Tall size (over 6’2” tall or with an inseam of 36” or more)

Made in Canada | 6 months guaranteed compression

Washing instructions
Machine wash on normal cycle
Do not tumble dry, hang to dry
Do not use fabric softener
Only oxygen / non-chlorine bleach allowed
Do not iron

Calibrated compression

25-30 mmHg


  1. Improve blood circulation
  2. Help eliminating toxins (lactic acid)
  3. Reduce muscles aches
  4. Reduce muscles inflammation and recovery time
  5. Compression zones differ from our regular tights
  6. Specific for post-workout
  7. Blended fabric reduces moisture
  8. Waistband drawstring
  9. Easy to slip on

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