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Compression Knickers 3D Pro

Compression Knickers 3D Pro Black

Compression Knickers 3D Pro


Our 3D Pro compression knickers will support, align and stabilize the thighs and knees to boost efficiency, endurance, and strength for a more powerful performance. We have increased compression in targeted areas to provide high level support at the knee, groin area, hamstring and glute area. Our 3D Pro compression knickers will help you perform safely while reducing the risk of injury. Feel secure and at ease when out on the field.

Content: 70 % Polyamide, 30 % Elastane

Calibrated compression

15-20 mmHg


  1. Ultra support for groin, hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings and knees
  2. Support and align the muscles
  3. Help prevent risk of injury
  4. Increases efficiency, endurance and strength

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